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Baibaicee Díaz

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Baibaicee Díaz Compaíto
Native name Baibaiceee
Born 1984/08/04 in Guiana as Augusto Díaz
🏡 Residence Apari Forest, Guiana
🏳️ Nationality Venezuelan-Italian
🏫 Education None
🎱 Height 1.88
🌐 Website : https://archive.org/download/indio-indigo.-corregido-y-o-aumentado./INDIO%20INDIGO.%20Corregido%20y-o%20Aumentado..pdf
🥚  Twitter/https://b-ok.lat/book/21880750/bd00d9
👍  Facebook/https://b-ok.lat/book/21880712/c111f9
📷  Instagram/https://b-ok.lat/book/21880708/85489a
💼  LinkedIN/https://b-ok.lat/book/21880707/48f5c0
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Early Life[editar]

Was born in Guiana from anteriority ascendency of Wayuu Indians, sus padres María Greco y José Díaz, was raised in the Apari Village surroundings in Nicaragua and Waiwai rural roads. Was educated as a farmer (excavator) by his mother because his father dies in his early age.


During his youngest age was a general consecrated celebrity in his stance at Puerto Ordaz during 4 to 5 years were he married and separated (not divorced) since 2004 with Nana Antolinez (Guiana Aboriginal too) the mother of his three sons, then returned to French Guiana.

Personal Life[editar]

He is propulsing flok religion that means personal though and cult return to ancestry worship with familiar and packaged of national deities in the Guianan-Caribean Region with a written particular opus called Indigo Indio and Indio Indigo (newest edition).



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