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Mike Coner

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Mike Coner
Native name Maikel Gregorio Rincón Rincón
Born 2003/10/09 in Caracas, Venezuela
🏡 Residence Cúcuta-Medellin
🏳️ Nationality Colombian-Venezuelan
💼 Occupation
Singer, Songwriter, Music producer
📆 Years active   2021-actual
🏢 Organisation You are not alone records
Agent Jules Archangel
😎 Style HipHop, Rap, Trap, Reggaeton
🌐 Website :
👍  Facebook/@thegreatmicke
📷  Instagram/@thegreatmicke

Mike Coner (born Maikel Rincón Rincón, October 9, 2003 in Caracas, Venezuela) is a singer, songwriter and producer from Colombia and Venezuela.


Mike was born on October 9, 2003 in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. At 4 years old he began to feel interested in music, singing in church[1].

In his adolescence, a victim of bullying at school, he will find himself on the street after family difficulties[2] [3].

He began singing his own songs[4], participating in shows under the name Matricop, an abbreviation of his two favorite films: The Matrix and Robocop[5], until he received support from Micro TDH on social networks[6].

Musical career[editar]

His history in the music industry begins with the Canadian record company: You are not alone records[7].

He participated in regional television and radio programs in Colombia and Venezuela, both on national radio and on the official channel of the Colombian army in Bogotá[8].

His third single, Nadie como tú, allowed him to be selected for the Vive Nuestra Música awards as revelation of the year 2023[9], and to have articles in Rap and Hip Hop magazines in the United States[10], Canada[11]. and Europe[12] in several languages: Spanish, English and French.

He began to become known internationally in 2022, in media that broadcast special programs about him and interviews, such as television channels in Mexico[13] or radio in Paris[14] (France).

In 2023, he participated in a concert, as a guest artist[15], in Wiesbaden (Germany).



  • 2022: Destino o Casualidad


  • 2021: Se presta
  • 2021: Hope
  • 2022: Nadie como tu
  • 2022: Ya no
  • 2022: Esperanza
  • 2022: Hoy
  • 2022: Puestos pa' la vuelta
  • 2023: Pienso


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